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5 Tips for Deciding On A New Home Floor Plan




Deciding to have a new home built is already stressful enough! Then, you have to decide which floor plan is right for your new home. Will I have enough space? Enough bedrooms? What about outdoor living? If you’re considering building a new home, here are 5 tips that will hopefully make picking the best floor plan for you and your family a little easier.


Select the Floor Plan with the Best Flow


A floor plan with good flow will have rooms grouped together that are often used together. For example, bedrooms and bathrooms are adjacent to one another in a quiet section of the house. Make sure it is easy to walk from one part of the house to another and there are no barriers that prevent you from easily accessing certain parts of the home. You certainly don't want a layout that is odd or confusing.


Take Measurements


It's always hard to tell how well your furniture will fit in your new home. That sectional sofa that fits so perfectly in your current space may not work for your new space. Or maybe you find that your queen size bed is too small for your master bedroom if you’re upgrading to a home with much bigger rooms. Fortunately, with so much technology, you can minimize or eliminate disappointments or unexpected purchases by measuring your furniture to make sure that it will fit the floor plan.


Apps like SmartDraw and Floor Plan Creator automate the process. These apps feature a large selection of templates that can be customized with just a few clicks. Or you can do it the old fashioned way and pull out your measuring tape! 


Determine What's Important


Think about which new home features are most important to you and your family. Before you begin your home search, create a list and number each feature in order of importance. For example, if an island in the kitchen is on your must-have list, make “kitchen island” number one on your list. Putting your must-have features in order of importance will help you quickly rule out floor plans that don’t include your non-negotiable items.


Which Floor Plan is Aesthetically Pleasing?


Before you select your floor plan, think about what your visitors will see when they first enter your home. Will your family and friends walk through your living room or enter a foyer area? A foyer not only helps to keep dirt out of your living spaces, but also offers a more attractive entry point to your home. Consider the locations of the bathrooms too. Is the powder room directly off the kitchen or family room? Do your guests have to use the same bathroom that your children use?


Visualizing your completed home from a one-dimensional view can be a challenging. Many new home builders offer 3D virtual tours. Take a look at the virtual tours we offer to help you evaluate flow and aesthetics.


Consider the Future


Choose the floor plan that can be easily adapted to fit your family's needs now and in the future. Are you planning to age in your home? Maybe a single-story home is right for you. Thinking of expanding your family someday? Maybe a floor plan with an extra bedroom is the way to go. You can always use it as a guest space in the meantime.


Other options such as bedroom placements and larger garages offer increased flexibility. Sure, your children are toddlers now, but they’ll be driving before you know it. Opting for a three-car garage can help prevent future disagreements about whose car has to sit outside.


Find Your New Home



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Here at Lillian Custom Homes, we know that technology is vastly changing. Our goal is to make sure that we build homes that give you these smart home options and we make sure they come STANDARD in our brand-new homes. 


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