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Advantages of Buying a House


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Have you been in the market for buying a new home? Do you have a Pinterest board full of ideas on what YOUR dream home would actually look like? Are you tired of dreaming and ready to start building? Here at Lillian Custom Homes, we know that owning your own home IS the ‘American Dream’, and we are here to help you get you there.  


Here we have compiled a list of some of the Advantages of buying that new home.

  1. Each payment is you make is another step towards full ownership of your own property. When you rent a house or an apartment, you kiss that money goodbye- forever. You have return on investment and all that hard earned rent money is just gone. However, when that money is made towards a mortgage, you are working towards full ownership!

  2. Home value appreciation gives you more than just a return on investment. Here’s the deal, your home will more than likely increase in value over time. We know the market works in cycles, so depending on where the market is and how well you keep up with your home will determine what extra money you will be putting back in your pocket. For example- When you buy a $240,000 home you could possibly sell that home for $60,000 or more.

  3. Tax advantages, need I say more? Some of the costs associated with owning a home are tax deductible. You are also granted certain tax deductions and your mortgage interest can also be a deduction on your tax return EVERY year.


  1. Privacy, renovations, & home built with your vision in mind. Doesn’t that sound dreamy? When you own your own home, you get to make all these decisions. If you want to put a love note in your foundation, you can do that! If you want to change your paint color every other year- you can do that (your spouse might have a different option.. but that’s better than a landlord). If you want to turn the music up loud and dance to Tina Turner while you mop- you can totally do that too!


  1. Its ALL yours. We saved the best for last. The truth is- you can put your feet up at night and let out the biggest sigh of happiness and relief… because you will be fulfilling that ‘American Dream’ of owning your own home. Your time, your money, your investment- it will all be worth it and you will have achieved it.


We know that the steps towards buying a home can be scary and overwhelming, but we are here to help. Our trusted lender is ready to get you pre-approved and ready to help you start paving that way to owning your own home.

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