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Choice is Everything, Choose Lillian

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You’ve decided it’s time to build the home of your dreams! What a big step. Your new home is going to be one of the biggest investments you will ever make. This is a place you will raise your family, spend the holidays, and grow closer to the ones around you. These sentimental moments are moments you will cherish forever, which is exactly why building with the right home builder is key.


Your home should be built with standards that outlast the current market. Your home should give you room to grow, come standard with the latest advancements, and be filled with eco-friendly, money saving products.


Lillian Custom Homes serves the entire Dallas-Ft. Worth area and we are still expanding. We have multiple move in ready homes, ready to build lots, and so much more.


We believe in customizing homes that exceed your standards and expectations and here is why:


Lillian Cares about Quality.

Your home is your investment of time and money. Your home isn’t temporary and neither are your expectations. Lillian Custom Homes has a commitment to quality from the foundation up. We believe in building with products that are lasting, durable, and reliable. We believe in holding true to our warranty commitment to ensure the structure of your home is up to par. We know our brand is our reputation and we are constantly working to upkeep the strong standards we have. We believe in our reputation of building homes that maintain quality for years to come.


Lillian Cares about Communication.

Finding a home builder that not only understands, but listens to your needs is vital. From the beginning stages of hunting for the perfect lot, to contract signing, to meetings, and bringing the total vision to life, we are here… every step of the way. Building a honest, strong, reliable relationship with your home builder is important and we work hard to keep an honest, door open policy with each of our buyers. Lillian takes pride in finding value in YOU and listening to you every step of the way.


Lillian Cares about Standards.

Our vision is simple:

“To continue to be the trusted home builder that delivers quality, innovative, affordable homes to all of our new home buyers by leading the industry with energy-efficient homes, cost savings, and smart home technology.”


We believe in the homes we build and we believe in building homes that will withstand the current trends and future advancements. Lillian Custom Homes spends time evaluating, researching, and finding ways to bring all of these elements to YOUR dream home. We even go a step further… we value you and our homes so much, that we have worked hard to bring these features to YOUR home as standard options.


Each one of our homes are equipped with state of the art technology, wifi-enabled lighting, appliances, and lighting control. We build our homes with spray foam insulation, because we expect you to gain more from your home, the moment you step in it.


We know you have choices when choosing your home builder. Here at Lillian Custom Homes we are dedicated to our buyers and to building homes that will last for years to come.


For more information: www.LillianCustomHomes.com

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