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Pro-Tips to Packing




You just bought a new home- that’s EXCITING… but now it’s time for the big move. Getting your old house prepped and ready can be an exhausting task, so we thought we would share a few tips to making the packing process a little smoother.


10 of our BEST packing tips: 

  1. The biggest thing you can do it save time and stress is to start packing early. A great rule of thumb is to dedicate 2-3 full days to 1 room. This gives you time to not feel so stressed, but also adequate time to hone in on 1 room vs all the rooms. Once you pick start date and have delegated a few days to each date is to start gathering supplies. Also, start in a room that you would be ok without for a month. 
  2. Start gathering moving boxes. If you are self-moving-ask around your local neighborhood APPS or head over to some public loading docks- most of the time these docs are ok with the public taking these boxes- but as always, check with them to be sure. If you are using a company, ask them about packages or discounts they may have if they supply the boxes versus you packing them yourself. Some companies will do this, while others opt to do all the work themselves. Hey, do whatever is in your budget. 
  3. Don’t forget the newspaper, bubble wrap, large blankets, and towels- Use these items to wrap you glass or fragile items. 
  4. Next, keep all your specific room items organized together and label them with a specific color- this will also help the movers (or you) know where to place the boxes. Tell the what room they will go in, not so much what is in them. 
  5. Don’t forget the Important stuff- all your legal documents and sentimental things should stay in a box nearest you until it’s time to move. It would also be wise to carry these with you, if possible. 
  6. Be aware of how much weight you are adding to your boxes. Large boxes fill fast, and if you aren’t aware of what things you are adding, you may end up with a box that is too heavy or one that will break as soon as its lifted. 
  7. Save the kitchen for last. This one is usually filled with the most things and filled with things you will need to survive the entire month. When you finally get to the kitchen, pack the things that you won’t need, then delegate a cupboard to 2 to things that will need to be packed day of or day before. 
  8. Tape any hardware, that will be removed, to the back of the furniture/furniture piece. This will make it EASY when it’s time to hang your pieces back up or place your furniture in their brand-new spots. 
  9. Label your Cables! There is nothing worse than taking apart your electronics, loading them all into the same box, and then trying to figure out what goes where. Trust us o this one! 
  10. Lastly, get with one of our Lillian Custom Homes sales associates and let’s talk about our latest buyer give back incentive program!  


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