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Tips to Remember When Designing Your Kitchen

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It’s no secret that a kitchen is where all the magic happens. Some would say that the kitchen is the heart beat of the entire home. Lillian Custom Homes takes pride in our design and our collaborations with our buyers so we have developed 20 tips to consider when you head into your personal builder meeting.


  1. Plugging In- Your electrical outlets are a key design element you should be pre-thinking about placement. After picking your floor plan, start to envision where important appliances will be housed (You know, like the MUST have coffee pot) and get an idea where outlets will be placed to help conceal the cords. Also- consider your island outlets. You want to make sure that your island is totally functional, especially when it comes to holiday baking! Remember your Pantry- often times our buyers wish they would have added an outlet to take advantage of storing their water dispenser or even small lights.
  2. Light Up The Night- Lightening is one of the most beautiful elements we see in our homes. Depending on the size of your kitchen, you want to make sure that you are able to include a good amount of light and natural sun light. Adding can-lights on their own switch paired with beautiful light fixtures above the island, and the breakfast nook, will help give your kitchen that elegant design look. Discuss the option of adding a motion detection light in your pantry so it shuts on and off when the door is open and closed. Again, saving you money on your electricity bill and the hassle of remembering to turn off that pantry light. Let’s be honest, we all forget to turn it off. If you love under cabinet lighting, think about adding these now also. One custom feature we see gaining a little more popularity is adding an outlet ABOVE your cabinets to be used when you want to add holiday lights to deck out your home.
  3. Space Savers- When building your home, you always think about your current home and the ideas that you would change in your new home. This is great! One of the most common request we get is: how can I save space? Lillian Custom Homes has the option to add your trash dispenser to be hidden inside one of your lower cabinets. We also make sure we understand what kind of storage and accessibility you wish for. Saving space by allowing a pan drawer directly under the stove top and a hidden spice rack that pulls out right near your pan drawer- no more grabbing a chair to reach up high. You should also think about the placements of your cabinets. Often times some cabinets are placed at angles that allow a lot of wasted space and reachable space, make sure you and your builder understand the angles and try to get the most space out of your design. One other important factor is understanding the space between your refrigerator doors and your island- give yourself enough space that you aren’t crowded!
  4. Water Access- this idea is about 50/50. If you are love cooking and often find yourself running across the kitchen to fill your pots and pans, consider a faucet near your sink. This allows for easy fill, less hassle, and a nice little option for elegant features in your brand new kitchen.
  5. Countertops- People who like to cook and entertain often wish they would have designed their space with a more durable counter material and given themselves more space. Secondly, consider the height of your counter tops especially for dishwashing and meal prep. Some materials may be cheaper in price, but think of the long-term goal of the aesthetics of your home and the use of your counter tops. Think about stains, hot pans, and being able to visibly see any debris left on your counters post party, family event, or meal preparation. Make sure you think about placement of sink, appliances, and stove top to ensure that you are able to have a large enough area to be able to do the things you need to do.


Designing homes with our buyers is one of our biggest pleasures. We cant wait to meet you and work on designing the home of your dreams.

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