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Top 4 Reasons Lillian Installs Savant in Every Home

What was once a high-end commodity only seen in the homes of elite businessmen and celebrities, can now be found in the average household across Dallas-Fort Worth. For the past ten years, Savant has been the brand of choice for luxurious homes, castles, and even yachts. Now, Savant Home Automation is available to everyone. Here are a few reasons Savant Home Automation is superior to other smart home technologies.

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1.Single Application

Savant takes a simple approach to the ever-growing and complex smart home technology available to homeowners today. The frustration with many smart home technologies is the need for individual mobile applications to control each device. This leaves homeowners with a sense of "disconnected connectivity". Luckily, Savant uses a single mobile application to control the whole home. From your phone, you can control your entire home with the touch of a finger. 

2. Scenes

Setting the scene is one of Savant's greatest features. Imagine walking through the door after a long day to your home ready for you to relax. The temperature is lowered, the lights are on, and relaxing music is playing over the surround sound. Simply tap the scene you'd like and watch as your home's atmosphere changes to reflect your mood. 

3. Entertainment

With so many entertainment devices you are bound to have multiple remotes lying around. With the Savant remote you can control all of your entertainment from a single remote. Turn on music in a specific room, turn on the Disney channel in the game room, or a movie in the media room, the Savant remote controls it all. 

4. Security

While you're away from your home you can rest assured that your home is secure. Savant connects to your security system ensuring that you will be notified as soon as your alarm is tripped. With additional electronic door locks, you can verify your doors are locked, your garage door is closed and that all your belongings are secure. 

Savant is improving the way our homeowners live everyday. This technology enhances and simplifies even the smallest tasks into quick commands allowing homeowners to spend more time living and less time away from the things that matter most. We believe in building homes that will not only stand the test of time structurally but also when it comes to technology. 

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